Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Thoughts

Hi Everyone :) 
Thank you all so much for the comments on '99 Forever, it 's meant so much to have so many comments and compliments :) 

Above is a Happy Thoughts thing that I've made for my Mum. She's just opened a brand new cafe called Vintage Cafe and I thought this would be a really nice thing to stick on the notice board. I'm going to do a post later on the cafe, but for now CLICK HERE to see what it looks like :) 

I thought I'd put up some pictures of my new dresser in my room. I got it from a charity shop for £8! I painted it white and put all my bits and bobs on there. I really love it now, and I think it really makes my room :) 

My growing number of props are also balanced on it! :) 

Here are some pictures from our degree show. This one above is Shona and I at the back of the room, nervously watching '99 Forever and gauging the audiences reactions - luckily it was a brilliant reaction! :D

  And here is my beautiful sister. Without her the night really would have been a flop! 

 Now I've left Uni, that fear that I think all post Uni students are having right now - what on earth do I do with my life? Luckily I have a job lined up, being a teaching assistant and workshop co-ordinator at a Film and Media College (the one that I attended actually) for a few terms, but I'm constantly having that self doubt and fear I'm not good enough to 'make it.' Any other post Uni people feel like this? :s 


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

'99 Forever - Watch the film!

Hi Everyone!  
The moment has arrived!  

We had our end of year degree show last week and '99 Forever was shown for the very first time! I had such amazing feedback from it, lots of people telling me it was the best film of the night which I really couldnt have asked for, the entire night was amazing.  

We also had journalists there on the night, and here's what they said about my film: 

'So to the final film of the night this one directed by Olivia Young. ’99 Forever is a familiar tale of a young girl not wanting to grow up. It is cleverly set on New Years Eve 1999, on the cusp of the new millennium. With the paranoia over the Millennium Bug, the unbridled exuberance of celebrating the dawn of a new age, the promise of change and the possibilities of the future, all colliding on one night, one young girl doesn’t want 1999 to end. She places the morning newspaper announcing the end of the year in the bin, as a car drives past blaring out ‘Millennium’ on the stereo reminding her once more. It’s all too much; she can’t escape it;  she’s worried about growing up; scared of getting older: a feeling that is universal.
There are many reasons why this film works, not least the excellent soundtrack of nineties Britpop; Pulp, Cornershop and Robbie Williams soundtrack the drama. There is extraordinary attention to detail throughout; from the Pokemon cards, stick on bindis, SMTV with Ant and Dec and smearing your lippy with silvery stuff: for a moment it’s like the nineties never went away.
By using the inner dialogue as a voice over, the audience is given a way into the child’s mind, to hear all her thoughts and fears, and nod knowingly as she expresses all the same things they did at her age. ’99 Foreverwas a simple idea, well observed and beautifully interpreted; sometimes simplicity is key. 
n the strength of tonight’s screenings the graduates will have job offers and opportunities flooding in; they all have ambition, talent and fortitude in abundance.' 

(Read the entire review by Michelle Dee HERE

How amazing is that!? Really could not have asked for any more!!!! 
I'll have the photos from the Degree Show soon to show you all, but for now, heres my little film for you all to watch :) Thank you for all the support you've shown and given me over the past few months when I was making it, I hope I've done you all proud!   


What do you think? Let me know on here by leaving a comment of head across to HERE, the '99 Forever Facebook page, or HERE the Goldielocks and Cupid Facebook page
Thank you ALL so much for all your support so far, lets see what we can do in the future yeah? :D 



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